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Date : 2020-09-09-    Affiliation No. 1730898

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It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of a team in SANT SUDHA SAGAR PUBLIC SCHOOL TONK. Feel proud to serve the nation directly by infusing thoughts among students, which leads to bright future for them and it continues to further more mates who comes in touch of them.

Its my personal opinion that study is not only the requisite for child in modern time as well as the practical knowledge too required to be more prone to knowledge they gain and to be more robust in our daily life.

If we have to reach to our life motto, we need to prepare for it towards now.School knowledge make our foundation base and it takes time to create it. Well communication skills have come to its top position, we need in corporate areas to survive in better way. Theory has its importance but nothing to without the practical training.

Our aim to prepare individuals who are confident, can make independent decisions and expose leadership qualities. It is our earnest Endeavor to train students to be able to survive after schooling, and for all these Our Well qualified, experienced teachers ready all time.

Our trained staff also gives counselling to students for most suitable courses in higher education and careers after it.

Principal - Ms. Neelima Singh
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